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MPLA Associates' projects range from new construction to tenant improvements for residential, commercial and multi-unit development projects including an art gallery that was conceived in a newly built mixed use building that included incorporating a rotating wall. The rotating partion allowed for additional display as well as having the ability to transform the configuration of the space itself.

For a new luxury condominium development, MPLA designed  twenty-four bathrooms, 7 kitchens, laundry rooms and family rooms all of various configurations to take advantage of the view.  We also include in our portfolio a surgery center medical lobby which was recreated from an outdated patient waiting area into a comfortable contemporay space for patients and their families.

Two stunning retail showrooms are included on this page, one being awarded a commercial design recognition from ASID.

Centerlight Gallery - Tenant Improvements of a raw commerical space, La Jolla California



MPLA Showroom-Gallery, La Jolla, CA  1998-2009

Seven On Anchorage Lane, Point Loma, CA - Interiors 7 Luxury Condominiums

Mission Valley Heights Surgery Center, San Diego, CA  Recast an outdated lobby and patient waiting area


MPLA Furniture Showroom - Gallery, San Diego 2010-2014

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